2D Animation Studio

kind 2D animation studio in India giving you a variety of services from a traditional 2D animation to Flash Animation. We believe that 2D Animation is still one of the most powerful channel in today’s world to communicate in animation. And to respect that fact we at our 2D animation studio have an experienced team of creative visualizes and experienced 2d Animators to develop your idea into a successful 2D Animation. We create 2D animations for web2D animations for movies2D animations for Advertising2D Animations for training2D animations for e-learning, 2D animations for website banners,2d flash animations, 2d logo animations and many more. And Bangalore being the next destination for animation companies in India we do our best to keep the reputation alive.

Our 2D Animation Studio in India

At our 2d animation studio in India, artists have the designing talent to turn your concept into an impressive animation film. Our artists have years of experience in 2d animation in both traditional way and flash animation. We follow the traditional method of story boarding, key animation, in-between animations and post production. We have the artists and the commitment to make your thought a reality. Our 2d animation studio in India has already made several 2d films for several clients for variety of projects. This includes 2d animation for training videose-learning using flash animation2d flash banners for websites2d logo animationsand 2d animation for television and movies.

With so many 2d animation studios in Bangalore, it's easy to get spoilt for choices. That is where a professional 2D animation studio like vibgyor360 can help. Just contact our Bangalore office and we will be at your service. Your requirement may be of a simple 2d character design, logo design or a complex cartoon film, our company has the 2d artists to develop your need on time and an affordable budget. And with our company’s clients based all around India such as Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, UK to name a few, we can develop your concept no matter wherever you are from the world.

3D Animation Studio

Vibgyor360 is one of the fast growing and leading 3D animation studio in India. With a vast experience in creating 3D animation services such as 3D animation for web3D animation for films3D animation for e-learning3D animation for training, 3D animation for games, 3D Character Designing, 3D modeling,3D simulationArchitectural Walkthrough3D medical animation3D industrial animation and 3D mechanical simulation, our team of 3D artists have gained the expertise in every area of animation possible. And with Bangalore being one of the growing hubs for 3D animation studio in India, we have made a mark in everything we have created.

3D Animation Studio in India

At our 3d animation company in India, artists has the technical knowledge to turn your concept into an impressive 3D animation film. Our artists have years of experience in 3d modeling, texturing, 3D rigging, animation and dynamics in all the popular software’s like autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D etc. We also have a compositing team for editing and compositing with expertise in software’s like Premier, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Adobe after Effects. And finally we hire the best music artists and bands for music composition to deliver the final dream product to you.

3D Modeling and Texturing

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of object via specialized software’s like Maya, Max, Z-Brush, cinema 4D etc. The product is called a 3D model. It can be displayed as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation of 3D animation. The model is then textured and colored as per the necessity of the project and then sent for animation.

3D Animation

The model is rigged accordingly by the rigging artist and then animated using 3D animation software. The 3D model is then rendered and sent for compositing. 

This is a complex process and that is where a professional 3D animation studio like vibgyor360, Bangalore can help. We have the machines and the pool of talented 3D artist to make your concept into impressive looking 3D film. Your requirement may be of a simple 3D logo design animation for your company or a complex 3d simulation for your presentation, our company has the 3d artists to develop your need on time and in your budget.