Wide range of CCTV cameras and DVR. We are one of the top leading dealers of CCTV in Bangalore. CCTV surveillance plays a major role in security so its installation and maintenance is important.

Smida Technologies offers sales service, installation and maintenance of surveillance systems for your home or business. Smida Technologies bring you complete security solutions at an affordable price. Our dedicated skilled technicians are experts in installation of single camera to n number of cameras within the time frame. As a leading CCTV dealer and CCTV solution provider in Bangalore, Smida Technologies work with all responsibility and we never compromise on quality. 

Static Cameras

  Static Cameras are the most identified CCTV solution due to their affordability and its user friendly nature. Static CCTV Cameras  help you to  monitor the place or object from a focused area and protect from the crime. These cameras are installed in such a way that it focuses on a fixed area with a high resolution live output, which is transferred and recorded onto the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and is available for playback at any time. The cameras  available for installation with a wide range of lenses and this guarantee highly effective monitoring even though the  cameras are fixed.

    Benefits and Features:

      24hr live image recording

      Fixed Area Monitoring

      Day & Nightmodes

      Low noise & low energy consumption

      High Resolution Playback

      Waterproof, weather-resistant housing to protect your cameras from damage

      Wide range of lenses widths for optimum coverage


Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ)

  Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras are not fixed and it uses remote control  to focus on an area from alternate angles. Clients can effectively monitor the activities with the wider coverage , are the key features of these cameras. Monitoring capabilities are widen with the controlled features used by the PTZ Cameras.

The visibility over the area which you are monitoring is controlled by a joystick that allows users to direct the camera and focus on cautious  activities as well as any problem areas with your priority.  A high-resolution live video is transferred and recorded to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Since it the cameras are not fixed which will move to  improve visibility and quality then the feeds recorded will get  optimized.

   Benefits and Features:

       24hr live image recording

       Flexible Monitoring Area

       Day and night modes

       High Resolution PlaybackPan, Tilt and Zoom capabilitie

       sLow noise & low energy consumption


IP cameras

   The high quality IP cameras are connect to your alarm and network and provides  first-rate imagery,  highest quality monitoring and effective security solutions.

IP cameras provide real-time viewing of live and playback footage by adjusting the lighting conditions.

You can monitor your  premises from anywhere  through any computer with account access.

External alarms can be synchronized  with IP  through your network infrastructure.

  Benefits and Features:

     Web based Remote Viewing

     Intelligent Motion Detector

     Auto-correct lighting function24hr live image recording

     Synchronizes with external alarms and the internet


Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

 CCTV Cameras record a high resolution live output to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which is used to video capture and playback in your system. The live feed on your monitoring screen is recorded to the DVR in real-time and stored on a drive, and this can be transferred to USB device or disc to allow you to revisit footage from anywhere.

   Benefits and Features:

     Multiple Camera Inputs - all feeds to one DVR

     Low noise & low energy consumption

      Recorded footage is accessible - 24hrs, 7 days a week

      Intelligent Motion Detector

      Transfer to USB and CD-Rom250GB-12TB memory

     The Video Compression which makes sure the high quality but small in file size